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Rest is Good

European Redneck

I just read my wife’s post about how important it is for her to rest and was reminded of my severe limitations. Our exhaustion and need for rest are a sign of our weak and limited nature. We live just like that pink bunny that keeps going and going, but even it needs a battery change. God made us to depend on him for everything. We need rest. Ultimately, he is our rest. One day, we will live on and on with a full tank in his presence by the light of his face in the New Heaven and New Earth. Returning to work won’t feel foggy and groggy. All of our effort will be spent and full all at once. The strain and pain will be gone. The blood, sweat, and tears will be a distant memory, if at all. Until then, until Jesus returns, he’s wonderfully arranged for our rest and renewal by the power of his Spirit and his Word, and all of this, within his glorious creation. The weight of it lies in our trust in our God, the one who never, ever tires.

How will you find rest and time to recharge this summer so that you can live in full swing for God’s glory?

Rest is good. God rested. He wants you to rest. Trust him with your work.