Old Man


I like Remember Me As A Time Of Day by Explosions In The Sky because it starts in earnest, progresses with normal vigor, and just when you think the tank is empty, it takes it to the next level. It says, “I’m not finished, yet.” It’s the old man, who lived his life without much flare. He fulfilled his roles, yes, imperfectly, but faithfully. You think he’s done, washed up, maybe even spent. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, pulling something from his sleeve, he’s got one more trick. Or maybe he has a complete series of tricks. The fireworks show has lasted long enough. We’re good until next year. No. It’s the finale we want. Bring the thunder. Make it pop. Cause our blood to rush and run the courses of our veins. Goose bumps. Make our souls sing the wonder of it all.

Our creative capacity and resilience in the face of hardship and failure is truly astounding. Even over a lifetime, which is hard to see by a quick glance. We can do more than we possibly imagine because God did the unimaginable. He became a man. We, fashioned in the image of God, are capable of doing the impossible because Jesus, the exact imprint of God’s nature, did the most impossible thing of all. He saved us. And isn’t this what we’re all about, too? The business of saving is written deep down in the recesses of our conscience. We value something. We’re valuable. We are valued. What will I save today? Who?

He made us to be, do, and go for his glory, which is no small thing. It’s natural to hold back and coast in to the finish line because it’s your due for whatever mistakes you made or imperfections you have. But God made us to give it all we’ve got in his power. Burn the ships. Quivering muscles. Second wind. Fight to the finish. Achy. Tired. Cautious. On your way out. But you’re wonderfully human. Many have gone before and made the earth stand still. You belong in their company. God will call time. Until then, old man, you got this. Something must be done. Someone must need your help. Jesus saved you, so go save and give more than you have. You’re not done. Make it rain and drop the mike.


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