Grace to American Nomads

Posts have been quite sporadic, nearly non-existent to say the least, over the last few months. Well, our life has gone through some big changes, so I haven’t made the blog a priority. Seeking a jump-start and more than happy to introduce to you my wife and her pen, I asked Meg if I could use something she wrote recently to give you a little window into our lives. Below are her thoughts about our life in 2012 so far:
There are so many things that I have hoped and prayed for our family and were answered just in this last month. So I have many, many ways that I see God at work in our life but just wanted to share a few. Also, I praise God for what He is doing in our church. Josh and I have experienced firsthand the beautiful expression of the body of Christ from strangers coming to help us move in, provide furniture, meals, plug our tire, bring us Gatorade on a hot day, gift cards, window units, and lovingly welcome us into our new community. This is all to God’s glory.
The last year for the 6 of us has been a crazy journey. Despite all the tears and hardships, I wouldn’t change it because it has refined us in ways that probably never would’ve happened. I have learned to let go (daily struggle of course) of this ideal of what our life should look like and trust in God’s providential hand upon our life. The 6 of us have lived with other families in 4 different spaces (not counting our current house) for the last year in 4 different cities (Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Texas). It has been crazy but all the while we have earnestly sought God and seen His graciousness upon us. We have experienced the body of Christ reaching out to us in these different places and we have been humbled by our overwhelming need for God and for brothers and sisters. Our kids have seen the need for prayer and seen God answer our prayers. We have all lived without our things for the last year and yet our needs were provided for as others shared their home with us. I have always had an open door policy in our home but after this last year of experiencing other’s hospitality it has a whole new meaning for me.
There are many more things I could share but lastly, Josh and I have learned the value of prayer and laughter. Laughter truly does bring relief from stress. I know it is only by God’s grace that the 6 of us can laugh and let loose in the midst of difficult circumstances.
So I hope as we continue on this path God has laid out for us that we journey together with eyes wide open for the work God has set before us.
Meghan Baylor
BTW, the transitions are not over either. Sometime in the next year we will be on our way to Germany via Virginia and Vancouver, so please continue to pray with us and for us.
Also, the routes on the map above actually happened within one year’s time with six people in one car… really.

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