Walking Sign Posts


In a way, whether we wander from haven to haven or blaze trails in search of treasure, we’re all walking sign posts. Some of us wear our signs proudly. Some ashamedly. Most of us cover some signs with our more famous ones, and then we paint some of them bigger than others. We’ve all got our signs telling who we are and where we’ve been. They tell a story of how we think, act, and speak. For me, my prayer is for the Spirit to lead me to daily repentance and faith so that the gospel story of Jesus Christ explains all of my signs, which in turn amplify the Beauty and Power of God. I want my story to look more and more like Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Over the last several years, the story of the gospel has reinforced much of my approach to being on mission with my family, meaning, I am committed to a gospel intentionality with all my existing and potential relationships. I feel strongly more than ever that learning a person’s story and sharing my story overrun by the gospel is world’s better than any scripted evangelism methodology. And more than that, I believe Scripture is saturated with instruction and examples of gospel word and deed. Helping someone spiritually goes hand in hand with helping them physically, as well. Really leaning in to understand someone’s story and how God’s kingdom, Jesus’ cross and grace are missing from their signs is so very crucial to knowing how best to relate Jesus’ love and grace to them. People don’t realize that their story could get better, or that the real story is so good. Without the gospel, it hurts to tell our story. Our Spirit-led, grace-filled listening begins to soothe their soul. They want to know our story – made by Jesus. And then, Jesus’ good news cracks cold, stony hearts. Removes the mess. Slam-dunks a fleshy, vibrant heart with a thump and Ghost Pepper stuffed with transformation. Breathes Holy Spirit God into our sagging lungs and makes us new. We’re signposts for the glory of God, for his mercy and faithfulness.

Learn people’s stories, where they come from, where they’ve been, where they are, where they’re going. Then and all along, it’s show and tell time. The story goes like this: Jesus’ lead and your part in God’s grand story of life that really is and always will be.


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