Leaving For A Better Country



Born in the USA

I’ve already left my birth country, the one which identifies my nationality, though this only recently. But, tomorrow, I will board a plane to a new country of residence, and this so happens to be my country’s most patriotic national holiday. It’s a telling reminder to me how attached we can become to pride of place and to our own sense of identity.


A Heavenly Country

Tomorrow, go ahead and celebrate humanity’s freedoms we enjoy, but let the small world patriotism point you to a much more glorious world of freedom from the tyranny of Satan, Sin, and Death. Let it stir and shake you up a bit for all who are chained by the power of this world. This new country is literally heavenly; it’s beyond this world, new and full of life. It’s renewed by the gospel and empowered by the Spirit of God.


Party Like It’s E-ter-ni-ty

You may think tomorrow’s fanfare gets out of hand at times, but you’ve barely cracked the surface on this party in the New Heaven and the New Earth. It will be uncontainable, and yet, Jesus has made a way for you to show up and enjoy it as he does. You’re allowed on the dance floor. You get to light as many black cats as you want, spit watermelon seeds 100 feet into the air, and eat homemade ice cream without getting a brain freeze. But, even these earthy delights pale to the white hot love and joy we will experience before the throne of God for all eternity.


Happy 4th of July!

Check out Matthew 6:19-33 & Philippians 3:20-21


One response to “Leaving For A Better Country

  • Patsy wilcox

    Thank you for that Josh. It was refreshing to hear. Also my friend, Jerry Boles, actually read it first and was telling me how much she enjoyed it. She and her husband, Bobby Boles, are leaving this week back to Mexico to live and I think it was an encouragement to her. I had not checked in a while on your blog since as you said you’ve had a lot of transitional time.

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