Cool, Fancy, Tasty Drink


When I take one of my children out to spend some time together, we usually find our way to a local watering hole. For them, it’s a big treat to pick out and sip on a beverage all to themselves. Almost every time, our little adventure is concluded with a short sigh and “Daddy, are you ready to go so I can show so and so my cool/ fancy/ tasty drink?” I sit for a moment and think, “Yes, but what’s the hurry? Did this kid forget who got the drink for them? I mean there’s more where that came from.” Then, I say, “Sure. Let’s go.” We get home. “Hey everybody! Look, look! Daddy got me this cool/ fancy/ tasty drink. Wanna try it?! It’s so good.”

So it is and ought to be with us, our Heavenly Father, and those around us. He offers us the gift of his Kingdom, his Son, and his grace. What do we do with it?


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